From 26 to 28 March 2024 Prof. Janitha A. Liyanage, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Russia, payed a visit to Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, to participate in an extensive programme organized by the Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after UI. Y. Yakovlev (ChSPU).

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Sri Lanka strongly condemns the dastardly terrorist attack which occurred at the Crocus City shopping center in Moscow, Russia on 22 March 2024 causing tragic loss of civilian lives and injury. Such cowardly acts of violence against civilians are abhorrent and have no place in civilized society.


On February 9, 2024, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Russian Federation Prof. Janitha A. Liyanage attended a series of events dedicated to the 89th Anniversary of Kursk State Medical University, where now about 150 students from Sri Lanka get there higher education.