Police Clearance Reports

Police Clearance Certificates

To obtain police clearance certificate from Sri Lanka applicants can submit their applications to the Police Headquarters in Sri Lanka directly or through this Embassy.

List of Required Documents:

  1. Request for obtaining a police clearance certificate  (Download)

  2. Duly filled clearance application (Word) (Download)

  3. Passport with visa proof

  4. Copy of birth certificate

  5. National Identity Card with copies of both sides (applicable for Sri Lankan citizens only)

  6. Report of finger prints

  7. Relevant Fee

Applicants can obtain a translation of police clearance certificate from this Embassy by submitting their document with the following:

  1. Letter of request (Word) (Download)

  2. Registration ID issued by the Embassy (applicable for Sri Lankan citizens only)

  3. Original of the police clearance certificate

  4. Passport with visa proof

  5. Relevant Fee

More instructions to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from Sri Lanka

  1. Applicants can download the Application form from the official website of the Police Headquarters http://www.police.lk, and hand it over to the Embassy or submit personally to the Inspector-General of Police, Police Headquarters, Colombo 01.

  2. Applicants submitting their application through Sri Lankan Embassy should pay the amount equivalent to Sri Lankan Rs. 1000/= and obtain the appropriate receipt. In this case the Police Clearance Certificate will be sent to the Embassy.

  3. Applicants submitting their application personally to Inspector General of Police should send a draft or cheque equivalent to the amount of Sri Lanka Rs. 1000/= to A/C No. 007041413 payable at Taprobane Branch, Bank of Ceylon, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka. In this case, the Police Clearance Certificate will be sent directly to the applicant.

  4. The application should be accurate when writing his/her address, police area and the period of stay. Police Clearance Certificates will not be issued to the applicants if they are unable to provide correct details.



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