Emergency Passports

Emergency Certificates

Non Machine-Readable Passports (NMRP) or temporary travel documents are issued to citizens of Sri Lanka under the following circumstances if:

  1. The original passport is lost

  2. The original passport is damaged.

  3. Passport has expired and cannot be extended

  4. Inadequate time to obtain a new passport

  5. If the applicant already possesses a passport, it will be cancelled prior to the issuance of Non-Machine Readable Passport (NMRP).

These travel documents are valid only for a short period and can not be used to travel a country other than Sri Lanka.

List of Required Documents to Issue an Emergency Certificate

  • Letter of request (Word) (Download)

  • Duly filled application form  K1- 35 Application – Re-issue (PDF) (Download)

  • Declaration form (PDF) (Download)

  • Three (03) colour photographs (3.5 X 4.5 cm)

  • Copy of previous passport (data page)

  • Police entry in case the passport is lost with it's English Translation

  • Relevant fee

Note: NMR Passport will not be issued as an alternative for a new passport. In case the applicant’s passport is lost and he/she is unable to submit evidences to prove the legal status of stay in the appropriate country, or the applicant is married to a citizen of Russia/CIS or living together as partners and having children, the applicant should bring his/her partner to the Mission with the passport when applying for an Emergency Certificate to return to Sri Lanka since the partner should agree with his/her departure to Sri Lanka.

Issuance of Emergency Certificates for Stranded/Arrested Sri Lankan citizens

Before issuing Emergency Certificate for stranded or arrested persons, the Embassy needs to verify their Sri Lankan citizenship first. It is required for the relevant authorities of arrested persons to submit the following documents covered by official note.

  1. Application form (Download)

  2. Three (03) color photographs

After receiving the abovementioned documents, the Mission will take immediate actions to obtain verification of citizenship of the persons from the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka. Then the Emergency Certificates will be issued to the verified citizenship holders through the relevant authority after getting confirmation of their deportation. For this purpose the Embassy requires the flight details of the stranded/arrested Sri Lankan citizens to be able to forward the information to the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka the same.


Issuance of NMR Passport 

  50  USD



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