Lost Passports

Replacement of Lost Passport

List of Required Documents

  1. Letter of request (Word) (Download)

  2. Duly filled application form ‘K’ (Download). All the information should be furnished as required in the application

  3. Dully filled complaint form (Download)

  4. Three colour photographs (3.5 X 4.5 cm). Both ears should appear and the background of the picture should not be black or dark

  5. A police report issued by the relevant Police regarding the lost of passport

  6. Copy of the lost passport with visa and alterations pages (if available)

  7. Sufficient proof for visa/permanent residence in Russia/CIS

  8. Original birth certificate with a copy. Translations of birth certificates will not be considered as originals

  9. National Identity Card with  copies of both sides

  10. Marriage certificate (If required to change the maiden name)

  11. Professional certificate with a copy if the applicant requires the profession to be included in his/her passport. This document should be issued by the relevant authority (for example, for medical practitioners – Registration certificate of the Medical Council of Sri Lanka. If the applicant is not registered in the Medical Council of Sri Lanka but working as a medical practitioner in a hospital of the country of domicile, he/she can submit a letter obtained from the director of the relevant hospital with the certification of the Ministry of Health of appropriate country. For other professionals a letter obtained from the employer indicating the profession of the applicant should also be provided. For students a letter from the university to specify the specialty in the passport, it should be authenticated by the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the relevant country. Otherwise the profession will not be included.

  12. Citizenship certificate if the applicant is a citizen by registration

  13. If the application is made in more than 01 (one) year from the date of expiry of the passport, applicant is required to submit an official document from the immigration office of the country of domicile confirming the residential status of the applicant

  14. Relevant fee

 NOTE: All applications for new passports have to be forwarded to the Controller, Immigration & Emigration, the only authority responsible for issuing passports, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka. This process may take approximately from 06 to 08 weeks.


The following is considered as punishable offence: if found guilty upon prosecution imprisonment for the period from 06 months up to 5 years a fine of Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 200,000 can be imposed.

  Submission of falsified or forged document/s to obtain a travel document

  1. Applying for a travel document while possessing such a document and/or possessing more than one valid travel document simultaneously

  2. Dispatch of a Sri Lanka travel document through the post, courier or another person from/to Sri Lanka without the prior approval of the Controller. For approval written request (in duplicate), courier letter (in duplicate), and the passport should be forwarded to the 3rd floor No. 41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.



 Fee for Passports



 01. Issuance of New Passport (when the pages have run out or validity is    expired)

  150 USD  

 02. Replacement of lost passport if applicant produce M/N Series passport (Additional levy         included)

  350 USD  

 03. Replacement of lost passport if applicant is unable to produce the copy of passport or           the passport number (Additional levy included)

  450 USD  

04. Issuance of New Passport in lieu of an expired passport along with the old         passport       (J,K,L Series)  (Additional levy included)


05. Issuance of NMR Passport (when the pages have run out or validity is expired)


06. Issuance of NMR Passport (For lost Passport)


07. Extension of validity of Passport - per year


08. Any other ammendment or alternation 



  350 USD


    50 USD


    50 USD


     6 USD


   10 USD






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