The Sri Lanka Embassy in Moscow arranged a meeting with PJSC Aeroflot of Russian Federation for the visiting delegation from the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation at the headquarters of Aeroflot on 03rd September 2021 in Moscow. During the meeting, officials from PJSC Aeroflot mentioned its readiness to commence a new direct service between Moscow-Colombo, which will start on 4th November 2021.[0]=AZVKW8xao_v8nunO_VggoL5ww4PdAu_Ym23vu0d8pDdD9keLP_BZn6c_5cYlAI5F1rX6pshqic87Fh9CUJVXBBw1LxA-beBOo0RX0C-E51UFWQrSTgkdBHs1FDfvWrO4Wi_vrH0HT2iF54rPvO5MH5r5n7zNljc4qIz6cPoih5BPl49o8U1HdpWwBxYE2Yu4gQw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Following the fruitful visit of Ms. Thavishya Mullegamgoda, First Secretary (Commercial) of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Moscow, to Ekaterinburg, the capital of the Ural Region and the industrial capital of Russia, in July 2021, trade division of the Mission has made arrangements to introduce National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka to the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation for collaboration.