On November 21, the Transmashholding company hosted a group meeting in the framework of the Russian Foreign Ministry State Protocol Department's initiative to introduce diplomatic corps to the Russian Ministries, Agencies and State corporations. The meeting was attended by Ambassadors and other high-ranking diplomats of the foreign Missions in Moscow.

Transmashholding (TMH) is number one transport engineering company in Russia that revived the country's locomotive building industry. Over 50 000 people are working daily for TMH and its affiliated company LocoTech. It is the third largest world producer of locomotives, and fourth biggest producer of passenger and other types of railroad cars in the world. They hold 95% of the Russian market share in the subway rolling stock, and 70% of the market share of locomotives and passenger cars. The company has 14 engineering and production sites all over Russia, operating internationally as well.
The presentation was held at the legendary Metrovagonmash plant, founded as early as in 1897. In those days, the first street cars, manufactured by the plant, were pulled by horses. Now the plant is producing all kinds of modern locomotives, trams, electrical multiple unit trains, and all types of railroad cars. The participants had a chance to eyewitness the process of manufacturing locomotives and rail equipment by the courtesy of the hosts.