Tender/Bid Name Issuing Authority

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22.11.2022 Procurement of the retrocession programme to cover 30% complusory reinsurance cession for the period from 01/02/2023 to 31/07/2024 National Insurance Trust Fund

Invitation for international competitive bidding

14.11.2022 Procurement notice SriLankanAirlines Ltd

Procurement Notice

19.10.2022 Five Procurement Notices State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka








17.10.2022 Establishment of Pilot Training Insitute at Batticaloa Airport Ministry of Port, Shipment and Aviation

Calling for Expresion of Interest (EOI)

14.10.2022 Invitation for registration of suppliers SriLankanAirlines Ltd

Invitation for suppliers

07.10.2022 Supply of surgical items State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka

Procurement Notice


05.10.2022 Invitation for registration of suppliers SriLankan Catering Ltd










16.09.2022 Renewal of Rapid7 Vulnerability and Threat Management Solution SriLankanAirlines Ltd

Invitation for bids

13.09.2022 Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Kits & accessories State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka

Invitation for bids




01.09.2022 Invitation for registration of suppliers SriLankan Catering Ltd

Supply of frozen vegetables

Supply of latex gloves

Supply of vegetable oil

Supply of fresh strawberry

Supply of tomato concasse sauce

Supply of polythene items

Supply of calzone boxes

30.08.2022 Procurement notices from SriLankan Airlines SriLankanAirlines Ltd

Invitation for bids

22.08.2022 Procurement for the supply of shampagne for business class service SriLankanAirlines Ltd


03.08.2022 Procurement for the supply of wine for business and economy class services SriLankanAirlines Ltd



02.08.2022 Procurement of Blood Bank Items State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka

Invitation for bids

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18.08.2022 Selecting Consultants for implementation of IFRS for Life and General Insurance Businesses  Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC)

Invitation for bids

29.07.2022 Registration of suppliers for the supply of frozen white fish fillet for the year 2022/2023 Bandaranayake international airport

Registration of suppliers

21.07.2022 Supply, delivery, installation and maintainance of IT equipment Department of posts

Invitation for bids

18.07.2022 Invitation for bids for the purchase of 60,000Nos Nail Plates (Gang Nails) State timber corporation, Ministry of Wildlife and Forest resources conservation

Invitation for bids

07.07.2022 Provision of Amadeus Departure Control Service (DCS) Host Connectivity for SriLankan Airlines Ministry of Ports, Shipment and Aviation

Invitation for bids

Tender notices

25.05.2022 Invitation for registration of foreign suppliers and their local agents with the Paranthan Chemichals Company limited Ministry of Industry


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05.01.2022 Invitation for Offers for "Time Chartering" or Commercial Management  Ceylon Shipping Cor. Download Here
31.12.2021 Bid EOI ICTA Download Here 
14.12.2021 Bids for Provisioning of a Desktop Management Solution  Sri Lankan Airlines Download Here
25.11.2021 Procurement Notice_JICA funded Health and Medical Service improvement Project Ministry of Health Download Here
02.11.2021 Bids to Supply,Installation Testing and Commissioning of Ruggedized VHF Digital Secure Fleet  Sri Lanka Navy Download Here
 27.10.2021  Procurement of Actuary service for Liability Valuation & Other Services for the Period from 01.10.2021 to 30.09.2023  National Insurance Trust Fund   Download Here
15.10.2021 Объявление о тендере на поставку оборудования для использования в международных аэропортах  Бандаранаике и Маттала Раджапакса, Шри-Ланка, проводимом Государственным Министерством Авиации и развития Экспортных Зон Шри-Ланки по заявке «ШриЛанкан Эйрлайнз».  Sri Lankan Airlines

29.09.2021 Procurement Notice State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of SL  SPC

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19.08.2021 Selection of eight Detination Representation Companies and eight public relation Companies to facilitate Global Communication Compign 2021-2025 Sri Lanka Tourism  SL Tourism 

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28.06.2021 Procurement Notice State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of SL  SPC




16.06.2021 Bids Cloth Polyester Cotton Material, Polyester Wool Material, Rip Stop Olive Green Material  Ministry of Defence  Download Here
18.06.2021 BID for Design Fabricate and Supply Steel Accommodation buildings to SL Army  Ministry of Defence  Download Here 
22.04.2021 Procurement Notice of Lanka Coal Company (Pvt) Ltd Ceylon Electricity Board  Download here
 20.03.2021  Design,supply,Delivery,Installation and Commissioning of Microwave Radio Communication System for SDCN  Ministry of Defence Download here 

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of an Electronic funds Transfer Switch and Card Management System 

inclusive of Internet payment Geteway

Peples Bank  Download here

Invitation for Submission of BIDS for Supply Chocolate 

Sri Lankan Catering  Download here 

Invitation for Submission of BIDS for Supply Tomato Concasse Sauce 

 Sri Lankan Catering   Download here