On January 24, 2019, Ambassador Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka paid a courtesy visit to the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Moscow and met with his colleague, H. E. Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa.

Dr. Jayatilleka assured the Ambassador of Venezuela of the most friendly relations of mutual trust and respect between the people of Sri Lanka and Venezuela and their countries.
The Ambassadors discussed the current situation in the world economy and trade. Formerly, H. E. Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa occupied the position of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Venezuela, and he shared with Dr. Jayatilleka his views on the development of trade and industry, and expressed his concerns related to the dangers for the world community of the attempts to use certain economic and financial means for the purposes of exercising political pressure aimed at some geopolitical gains.
Ambassador Jayatilleka expressed confidence in the continued and repeatedly renewed relevance of the ideas and inspiration of Simon Bolivar, the founder and National Hero of Venezuela.
The meeting was held in the warmest atmosphere, as the two Ambassadors remembered that both of them were in Moscow in 1985 during the Festival for the Youth and Students, held in the former USSR. Both parties had the best reminiscences of that time. Ambassador Carlos Rafael Faria showed Ambassador Jayatilleka the volume of Memoirs of his father, Jesus Faria Tortosa, a famous leader of the Communist Party.

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