On January 14, 2019 Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Russia, H.E. Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka paid a courtesy call to his Syrian counterpart, H.E. Dr. Riad Haddad. The Syrian Ambassador graduated from the Lenin Military Political Academy in Moscow, received a degree of Doctor in Political Science and served as Head of the Political Directorate of the Syrian Armed Forces before he assumed his duties as Head of the Syrian Mission in Russia.


Ambassador Jayatilleka extended congratulations to H.E. Dr. Riad Haddad for the series of decisive victories Syria had obtained in the war against terrorism. Dr. Jayatilleka recollected that Sri Lanka always stood together with the Syrian Ambassador Lamia Chakkour in the diplomatic battles during his Mission in France and UNESCO.

The Syrian Ambassador underscored that they managed to defeat terrorism in their country and defend themselves with the help of people, their leader, army and friendly countries and people; they drew victory in the war against terrorism supported by terrorist organizations from more than 80 countries. H.E. Dr. Riad Haddad underlined positive role of Sri Lanka as Sri Lanka has her own experience in the fight against separatism and terrorism, and knows the condition that certain countries are suffering from now, as well as the external pressures that are unfairly put on them.

Ambassador Jayatilleka asked his counterpart about the post-war political project of Syria for its future to handle sovereignty and unity of the country and secure geographical borders, while managing calls for federalism.

Ambassador Dr. Riad Haddad spoke about the achievements of Syria for post-war political settlement, reconstruction, the elimination of majority of terrorists from their land and return of refugees back to their homes, and pointed out on the reality of the economic war their country is facing now imposed by some powers.

H.E. Riad Haddad expressed his country’s point of view fully supportive of a political solution but firmly against federalization of the country, and said that though some Big Powers wanted it, federalization was not what the Syrian soldiers had died for. Ambassador Jayatilleka named Syria a symbol of steadiness, which had helped in restoring the global balance and equilibrium.