On December 21, 2018, H. E. Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka met with His Excellency Li Hui, the Ambassador of China to the Russian Federation, at the Chinese embassy in Moscow.

The Ambassadors discussed a variety of pressing political, economic, and geopolitical matters, and shared their views on the historical and current political situation in the world in general, and in the Global South in particular.
Dr. Jayatilleka stressed the emotions the Sri Lankan people always had toward China as a most trustworthy and well-proven friend, and thanked Ambassador Li for the continuous support China gave to Sri Lanka during the complex period of the war waged on terrorism, and for supporting the country in international organizations, while some of the world powers tried to put pressure on it.
Ambassador Li confirmed China's firm adherence to the principles of mutual respect, territorial integrity, and equality, which should not be discarded as obsolete. According to him, the process of the world economic globalization should be regarded as an opportunity for common benefit, and not as a threat, or an attempt to seize more power; all problems must be solved in the way of a dialogue between equal partners, and not by the exercise of force or political influence.
Ambassador Li explained that come countries are of the unfounded opinion that economic globalization has only benefited China. Noting that some scientific researchers have concluded that certain powers attempt to monopolize the world both economically and politically, and are trying to turn the clock back fifty years, the Ambassador affirmed that China and Russia, having learned the lesson of the past, have a firm and growing partnership, with their leaders meeting four times a year.
China has always been a good friend of Sri Lanka, reaffirmed the Chinese ambassador. He has also expressed his willingness to establish closer relationships between the two countries and their diplomatic missions.