On December 13, Ambassador Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka and Madame Sanja Jayatilleka visited the Exhibition "Nicaragua from the eyes of Russian children", held at Nicaragua Embassy, and were impressed by the drawings of young artists, the way children managed to symbolically express their view on peace, friendship, love, joy, kind-heartedness, and "angel's protection of Nicaraguan people from the demonic threat".

The exhibition was dedicated to the 74th Anniversary of the established Russia-Nicaragua bilateral diplomatic relationship and the Day of Friendship between the two countries. Among guests there were Heads of Missions, representatives of MFA, diplomats, teachers and schoolchildren, those who drew the pictures.
Ms. Alba Azucena Torres Mejia, Charge d'Affaires of Nicaragua in Moscow, read out the address of the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, and underscored the longlasting friendship between Nicaragua and Russia and the importance of Russian political, economic, military, and diplomatic support at the time when Nicaragua was under pressure. Alexey Labetskiy, Former Deputy Director Latin America department, Russian MFA, expressed his gratitude to Nicaraguan colleagues and called Nicaragua a "symbol of fighting for sovereignty of the state and its independence".
The official part of the exhibition was followed by the invitation to enjoy real Nicaraguan coffee and fusion of Russia-Nicaraguan cuisine. The little artists were complimented and recognized with gifts.